Newland Village Room

Newland Village Room - Newland Village Room (south side)

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Newland Village Room
GL16 8NP

07714 703028 or 01594 833143

Karen Davies

Newland Village Room description

Village Hall / Wedding Venues

Small (1-50)

Friendly village hall with a small ante-room attached. Wood panelled interior with small kitchen with fridge, microwave, oven, kettle, crockery and cutlery. Disability friendly loo. Attractive garden area alongside a pond for over spill area in Summer. Ideal for small gatherings. In 2018, we hosted craft sessions, a four day course, Parish Council meetings, tango classes, meditation, a small wedding reception, two baby showers and a Golden Wedding party as well as regular village events. PLEASE NOTE WE REGRET THAT DUE TO COVID-19 CONSTRAINTS, THE ROOM IS CURRENTLY CLOSED